Feb’2019 Summary πŸŽ‰

February was absolutely an auto-pilot month for me. My work and travels took me to India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh β€” incredibly interesting and wonderful countries. But also quite a busy month. πŸ™‚

And that brings me to something that I love … Read more

Jan’19 | Reflections

As 2018 has shown, stock markets are not just always going up. Ups and downs are the rule, and one should expect fluctuations.

This being said, since the financial crisis in 2008, stock markets only knew one direction: Upwards. Since … Read more

3…2…1 … live!

Financial Freedom Journey, a transparent and honest blog following my way to financial freedom through passive income. Going live.  

As this blog is being launched into the world, following me on my journey to financial independence, my total … Read more