Estateguru Review (2019)

My first investment on Estateguru was in March 2019 (2000 EUR). I had decided to further diversify my P2P portfolio through real-estate loans and decided to join Estateguru. It’s a great platform with an excellent track record.

Quick facts:

✅ Loans available at 10-12% interest

✅ All loans are real estate investments in different European countries.

✅ No BuyBack Guarantee but loans secured by collateral

🔴 Getting familiar with platforms takes slightly longer then usual

🔴 No secondary market which would allow selling investments

🔴 No risk ratings available

🔰 Estateguru HQ: Tallinn, Estonia

🔰 Founded in 2013. Since then, 675 loans successfully funded with a historical return of 12.18%.

If you decide to open a free account on Estateguru, it would be wonderful if you could use this referral link: both receive a 0.5% bonus for investments during the first three months. There are no hidden costs or other disadvantages for you.

My Estateguru experience

It took me some time to get my head around real-estate lending. Once I had decided to sign up with Estateguru and Crowdinvest, the process of registering and verifying my identity was really easy.

Being new to real-estate lending, there was a bit of learning and googling required to understand some of the terms including: LTV, Bullet type loans, First/Second charge security, Stage loans, and Refinancing loans.

Opening an account

Opening an account at Estateguru was really easy. Equipped with an ID, the identity verification process worked by webcam and took only two minutes. I added funds to my newly opened account through a regular SEPA bank transfer (which free of charge) from my regular bank account. The funds showed up less than 24 hours after I had made the transfer, which was fantastic!

My Estateguru Dashboard

The dashboard is very simple and easy to use. It is well organized and allows users to get an overview at one glance. It reminds me of Mintos.

My Estateguru Dashboard. 200 EUR have been reserved through the auto-investment tool.

My auto-invest portfolio

Estateguru has an auto-invest functionality, however, I find it somewhat confusing and it took me some time to understand.

Below is a screenshot of my auto-invest portfolio. The “Amount for one loan’ is how much you want to invest per loan. Given that Estateguru only has a limited amount of investment opportunities at one time (on average 3-5), I set this to 500.

As a conservative investor, I adjusted the auto-invest settings as following:

  • Security: First charge
  • LTV: Up to 65%
  • Interest: 10%+
  • Stage loans: No
  • Refinancing loans: Yes
  • Invest all funds available: Yes

A nice feature of Estateguru is that each time the auto-invest feature invests in a new loan, I receive an automated email with all details.

My Estateguru Autoinvest settings (March 2019)