My first investment on Mintos was in June 2015. I have since both added and withdrawn money from the account, which was really easy. Both ways, the transfer took less than 24 hours and was free. 

If you decide to open a free account on Mintos, it would be wonderful if you could use this referral link: receive a 1 % referral bonus for investments during the first three months, which supports this blog. There are no hidden costs or other disadvantages for you.

Monthly interest & interest rates 

My monthly interest on the Mintos platform has grown steadily over the past years and I have been adding investments to the platform. With a net annual return of 11.69%, across 36 platforms with A and B ratings, Mintos is my favorite platform 😇.

My auto-invest portfolio

My entire Mintos portfolio is automated using the auto-invest functionality. I usually check once a month if things are fine and adjust the auto-investment tool if necessary. I have 2 auto-invest portfolios, to get a mix of short- and long-term loans on the Mintos platform.

Important: When setting up the auto invest portfolio, make sure you selected the following:
1. Only loans with Buyback Guarantee!
2. Rating of platforms: A, A-, B+, B, B-
3. Diversify across loan originators: YES

Mintos Auto-invest settings