Twino – an honest review

I succesfully invested on Twino between June 2015 – Feb 2019.

After Twino released their audited consolidated financial results from 2017, I decided to pull out and liquidate my investments. summarizes the consolidated financial reports here. Findings include:

  • 9 of Twino’s 11 lending subsidiaries lost money in 2017, and also have negative equity
  • Non-performing loans are much higher than the Twino website suggests – 41% of loans as at Dec 2017 were ‘past due and impaired’
Twino Dashboard. Very well organized and easy to understand.

Monthly interest & interest rates
My monthly interest on the Twino platform has grown steadily over the past years and I have been adding investments to the platform. My 2018 interest on Mintos was 10.53% (XIRR).  

In August 2018, I moved some of my investments from Mintos to Twino which had more loans available (at the time). By the end of 2018, this trend has reversed and both platforms have loans available.

My auto-invest portfolio.

My entire Twino portfolio is automated using the auto-invest functionality. I usually check once a month if things are fine and adjust the auto-investment tool if necessary. I have 2 auto-invest portfolios, to get a mix of short- and long-term loans on the Twino platform.

Twino Auto Invest Settings
Important: When setting up the auto invest portfolio, make sure your selected only loans with Payment or Buyback Guarantee!

My Twino Auto-investment portfolios.