Why a mix of ETF and P2P lending?

Investing in a combination of ETFs and P2P loans, allows me to harvest 5-10% interest while diversifying risk.  

Both are forms of passive investment which run smoothly in the background without much oversight and only a minimal amount of monitoring and maintenance.

While my ETF portfolio is steadily growing in value at about 5%/year, and thus building the backbone of my investment portfolio, P2P loans allow me to harvest attractive interest rates at about 10%/year including a monthly cash flow of interest payments, complemented by dividends which I receive from my ETF investments. 

Risk diversification: The very different architecture of ETFs and P2P loans allow me to diversify risk. While my ETF portfolio represents entire economies and world markets, and thus depends on the growth of the world economy, P2P loans are small, short-term loans with individuals, backed by intermediary banks.

No doubt, the P2P lending industry carries higher systemic risks than ETFs. Especially given the young age of the P2P lending industry (~ Year 2015), a residual risk of a platform defaulting remains. However, this systemic risk is being rewarded with a 10+% interest rate. Individual P2P loans are backed by Payment Guarantees through the Platform reimbursing me for defaulted loans.

P2P Lending vs ETF. Advantages and Disadvantages
P2P Lending vs ETF. Advantages and Disadvantages