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This is the 2019 review and my experience investing with the P2P lending platform Grupeer. My first P2P lending investment on Grupeer was in January 2019. I followed and observed Grupeer for exactly one year before signing up for a free account and investing my first 3,000 EUR. Things have been going good so far and I have invested 12,000 EUR now. And I am planning to add more money in the coming weeks. My average return on Grupeer is above 12% p.a..

This Grupeer 2019 Review is 100% honest and truthful. I am not paid by Grupeer or anyone else for sharing my experience. My intention with this review is to document my journey and to inspire others to build passive income through P2P and ETF investments that run in the background without much work. At the end of this review, I am sharing my auto-invest settings and some important details on how to get started with Grupeer.

Quick facts about Grupeer

Grupeer is a P2P lending marketplace offering loans from 29 loan originators.
✅ Loans are available at 13 and 14% interest
✅ All loans are secured with Buyback guarantee
✅ Very high availability of loans
Grupeer offers both P2P loans and P2P development projects
🔴 No secondary market. Investors can not sell their loans prematurely if need be .
🔴 Limited visual presentation and data available on the investment portfolio, especially in comparison to Mintos

If you decide to open a free account on Grupeer, if you use this link, you receive a 10 EUR sign-up bonus: receive a small referral bonus for investments during the first six months, which supports this blog. There are no hidden costs or other disadvantages for you.

Grupeer Review & My Experience

My Grupeer experience has been very positive so far. I am using the auto-invest feature and my average investment is 41.08 EUR/loan with an average interest rate of 13.20%. All loans have BuyBack Guarantee, which is great. I also like that Grupeer offers loans from 29 loan originators, which is going into the direction of Mintos. Remember: The more loan originators, the better diversified your investments are.

The Grupeer interface is easy to use. This being said, unfortunately, it only provides limited information as to whether loan payments are made on time or are behind schedule. Especially in comparison to Mintos, there is still space for growth.

Grupeer Review & My experience: My monthly interest on Grupeer

My self-calculated interest rate on Grupeer ranges between 12% and 15% as you can see from the graphic below. I have invested a total of 12,000 EUR with Grupeer and my monthly interest payments are 120+ Euros, which is fantastic passive income.

Grupeer monthly income June 2019
Grupeer monthly income June 2019

What’s nice about Grupeer is that the platform offers a mix of P2P loans (personal loans, car loans, business loans, etc) as well as real estate development projects. This allows the investor to diversify (spread risk across different investment asset types). Generally, investing in real estate loans gives the investor additional securities to get their money back in case something goes wrong. This being said, all loans on Grupeer have BuyBack guarantee.

Review: Investing in Grupeer Real Estate Loans (Grupeer Development Projects)

Development project - Impersky
Grupeer Development project Impersky

Something I like about Grupeer is that investors can not only invest in P2P loans, but also in loans that are financing real estate development projects. Grupeer screens and select partners with a solid track record in the industry and conducts an internal evaluation process and due diligence before placing the project on their platform for investors. Grupeer also monitors the construction process – which I would be curious in to see how that exactly plays out. Development Projects also have a BuyBack guarantee in case the borrower’s payments delay for more than 60 days.
As part of my auto-invested portfolio, 33% of my investments are in Development Projects.

Review: Investing in Grupeer P2P loans

Similar to other platforms, Grupeer allows investors to invest in secured business loans issued by one of their 29 loan originators in 14 countries. Loans include Mortgage Loans, Car Loans, Business Loans, and Personal Loans. A BuyBack guarantee protects all loans which means that if for whatever reason the borrower has delayed the payment for 60 days, the loan originator is obliged to buy the loan back and to pay investors all delayed interest payments.

About Grupeer: History

The Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform Grupeer was founded in 2016 in Riga, Latvia. Since its launch in 2016, the platform has grown rapidly and is now offering loans to more than 12.600 investors worth over 50 million euros. Grupeer has more than 46 employees in their office in Riga.

My Grupeer dashboard

The dashboard is well organized and allows users to download their investments as Excel spreadsheet. The user interface reminds me of Mintos, very simple and easy to use.

The existence of Buyback guarantee for a particular loan means that in case the borrower delays the current payment for the loan for a period exceeding 60 calendar days, the credit company that issued this loan is obliged to immediately buy back both your share in the loan and the shares of the rest of the investors in the amount of outstanding principal of the claim and accrued, but not paid interest.

Buyback guarantees are stipulated in the agreements between the Platform and credit organizations.

Grupeer Overview
My Grupeer Dashboard

My Grupeer auto-invest portfolio

Talking about my Grupeer review & experience, I have to say that my entire investment portfolio at Grupeer is automated. I am using Grupeer’s auto-invest functionality and usually check once a month if things are fine, as well as adjust the auto-investment tool if necessary. Below are my auto-invest settings. I selected all loan types, all countries, and all loan originators.

Important: All loans bought through the auto-invest tool are covered by Grupeer’s buyback guarantee. 

Grupeer auto-invest portfolio
My Grupeer auto-invest portfolio

How to get started with Grupeer

Signing up for a free account with Grupeer is easy and straightforward. After I entered my information on the registration page, I received a phone call for verification purposes and my account was activated within a day. My initial transfer (SEPA bank transfer) took about 48h to show up in my account, which is longer than it takes other platforms, but still acceptable.

Once the funds were in my account, I created my auto-invest portfolio. Once I had set that up, within minutes, my first funds were invested in different projects and I started earning interest. And that’s it. There is little to no cash-drag and all principal and interest payments arrive on time.

I log into my account once a month – but that’s purely for information purposes. Once set up, Grupeer does not require any regular maintenance, which is great for passive income.

Conclusion Grupeer Review & Next steps

This concludes my Grupeer review and sharing of my experience investing with Grupeer. I very much enjoy Grupeer and I am planning to add more funds over the coming months. I can recommend that platform for investors who already have an account with Mintos and are looking for ways to further diversify their investments.

What about you? Have you signed up for an account yet? What are your experiences?

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