About me

Welcome to my financial freedom blog. I’m Peter. Born in 1988, I would describe myself as a millennial with typical millennial aspirations. I work in international development.  Financial freedom is incredibly important to me. Rather than seeing financial freedom as a state of mind, I see it as a journey. While I love what I do for a living, being free from financial constraints allows me to make personal and professional decisions independent of the financial context. Financial freedom allows me to quit jobs, to travel, and to find work that I am passionate about.


I am not a trader or financial expert, nor a person that spends hours following the stock exchange. Actually, I am the opposite of that. I rather spent time outside than in front of my computer. To manage my investment portfolio, I invest a maximum of 2 hours per month. With this in mind, please be aware that this blog is not providing any legal or financial advice


My goal is to document my journey on this financiual freedom blog. I want to show to others how savings invested the right way can lead to a considerable passive income. A passive income, which currently serves as a side income, but ultimately will replace my main source of income (my nine-to-five job) and lead to complete financial freedom.

While I started – like most Europeans – with a fix-interest savings account, I realized early in my 20ies that other forms of long-term investments yield much higher interest rates and returns. 

In 2016, inspired by a number of podcasts (Smart Passive IncomeFinanzrocker Podcast) and blogs, I started converting some of my savings into ETFs (I started with 500 Euros). From Day 1, it was important to me to be cautious and careful. Expecting an annual growth of about 5%, I started investing into slowly growing, globally diversified ETFs (see my ETF portfolio).


My first investment was 500 EUR. And things went well and I continued investing into a very few selected ETFs over the years. Since 2016, my ETF portfolio has grown to 80.000+ EUR.

In 2016, I also learnt about Peer-2-Peer (P2P) lending and started following the emergence of P2P lending platforms. My first investments on Mintos and Twino were 500 EUR per platform in September 2015. Similar to my ETF investments, things went well and I could follow my portfolio grow. As of Jan 2020, my P2P portfolio has grown to 70.000+ EUR.

Since my first investments in 2016, I have slowly converted about 65% of my savings into ETFs and the other 35% into Peer-2-Peer (P2P) loans. As of 2019, my ETF portfolio has grown by 16% since I first invested in 2016. My current monthly P2P interest income is 800+ EUR.

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