May was a beautiful month, full of sunny and exciting days.☀ I enjoyed the fruits of having a monthly passive income that has now reached close to 50% of what I need to support my monthly expenses.

What else has happened in May? I completed my 9-5 assignment in Myanmar in early May and switched back to working part-time remotely. I left Myanmar and traveled to Indonesia. 🇮🇩 Among my most favorite places for remote work, healthy food, nature, and exercise for me is Ubud in Bali. I spent two weeks there, working from coffee shops and hotels, before flying through Germany to the US, where I write this post from.

It is through passive income that I support my traveling. It enables me to live in and work from the places I am most excited about.

Passive Income Overview – May 2019

Now, on to my passive income numbers for May 2019:

My total passive income in May:579.56 EUR

P2P Overview – May 2019

P2P Lending PlatformMay'19 Interest IncomeMay'19 XIRRTotal InvestmentCurrent Value
Mintos € 269.3311.20%€ 29,000.00€ 33,111.09
Twino € 0.813.20%€ 0
€ 303.54
Swaper € 125.5912.97%€ 14,000.00€ 14,743.13
Grupeer € 91.1611.95%€ 12,000.00€ 12,249.84
Crowdestate € 14.778.86%€ 2,000.00€ 2,014.77
Estateguru € 5.423.25% € 2,000.00€ 2,015.42

Mintos: Amazing performance! It took the platform a few days to absorb the 4,000 EUR which I added, but that is fine. I adjusted my auto-investment portfolio to include platforms that recently joined Mintos (Rating A+, A, A-, B+, B). Mintos remains my favorite platform by far. 11.20 % XIRR in May.

Swaper: My second favorite platform. Plenty of loans available. Minimal cash-drag and a rocking 12.97 % (XIRR) performance.

Grupeer: I am seeing the perks of Grupeer. Hundreds of loans with buyback guarantee available with interest rates above 13 %. My self-calculated annualized return for May was 11.95 % (XIRR). I invested an additional 3,000 EUR in May, which was absorbed in 13 % interest loans with BuyBack Guarantee within minutes.

Twino: I left Twino earlier this year.

ETF Overview – May 2019 🥳

The MSCI World ETF made a small dip in May, which is not of any concern to me. Looking at the long-term performance, such small dips are an opportunity to double down and buy ETFs at a cheaper price. Overall, my ETF portfolio has gained 12.57 % in value since the beginning of the year (30.09 % since I first started investing in March 2016). For new investors, this is a good time to start invest using 4-cycle investment approach. I am planning to buy more ETFs over the coming weeks.

ETF Performance of my ETF Portfolio
Overview of my current ETF Portfolio.

Financial Transactions in May 2019

🔰 Overview of all my transactions.