Here is my passive income update for June 2019. June was a wonderful month not only in terms of passive income. Being European, I have learnt to spend the year awaiting summer – what I consider to be the most special time of the year β˜€οΈ. When the days are getting longer and hotter, there’s nothing better than traveling to the mountains and going mountain biking. So, this year, after I had returned from the US in early June, I went on a #vanlife trip through the mountains of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, and France – working remotely in the mornings and eveningsπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» , and exploring different trails during the day time πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ. It was great! πŸ₯³

In terms of my P2P auto-investment portfolios, there was not much change this past month. Honestly, there are days where I log into my accounts, take a quick glimpse around, and then log out as there is literally nothing to do.

What’s been interesting this past month is that Swaper’s performance has been weaker than before. Due to some significant cash drag, the self-calculated XIRR has dropped to 11.35% percent. Most of my loans on Swaper are paying 14% interest, but with almost constantly 600-1000 EUR awaiting investment, the average interest rate dropped by 1.7 percentage points since last month.

Passive Income Update and my P2P lending interest rates in June 2019
My P2P lending interest rates in June 2019

Passive Income Update – June 2019

Now, on to my passive income numbers for June 2019:

My total passive income in June: 657.70 EUR

P2P Lending Update – June 2019

Historical monthly income from P2P loans.
Historical monthly income from P2P loans.
P2P Lending PlatformJun'19 Interest IncomeJun'19 XIRRTotal InvestmentCurrent Value
Mintos € 301.9610.49%€ 29,000.00€ 33,398.51
Twino € 0.512.21%€ 0
€ 304.90
Swaper € 139.4711.35%€ 14,000.00€ 14,882.60
Grupeer € 123.0412.05%€ 12,000.00€ 12,376.99
Crowdestate € 9.16-€ 2,000.00€ 2,009.16
Estateguru € 5.00- € 2,000.00€ 2,020.42

Mintos: Mintos really is such a great platform. I adjusted my auto-invest portfolios to only include loan originators with ratings from A+ to B-. I updated the Mintos review to reflect what I had adjusted in my auto-invest portfolio.

Swaper: I decided to not add money to my Swaper account due to the cash-drag over the past weeks/months.

Grupeer: While I still do not trust the platform 100% – maybe due to their outdated UI? – Grupeer has now taken the lead with a self-calculated interest rate of 12.05% p.a. in June. Also, June was the first month in which I received a 3-digit interest payment from Grupeer (123.05 EUR)

Envestio: I signed up for an account with Envestio but have been too hesitant so far to invest due to mixed reviews that I have read.

Twino: I left Twino earlier this year.

ETF Update – June 2019 πŸ₯³

The MSCI World ETF was exceptionally strong in May and I am glad that 42% of my total investment portfolio is an MSCI World ETF. Overall, my ETF portfolio has gained 17.18 % in value since the beginning of the year (36.14 % since I first started investing in March 2016).

Passive income update and ETF performance in June2019
My ETF performance in June 2019
Overview of my current ETF Portfolio.
Overview of my current ETF Portfolio.

That’s it for June! Thanks for reading. If you are interested in more frequent updates, follow the FFJ page on Facebook or Twitter.

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Peter πŸ‘‹