Here is my delayed December 2021 Passive Income Update. The past month was really busy with work, travel, and Christmas preparations and I didn’t manage to post the update on time.

In terms of passive income, November was another incredible month: I earned 1,229.91 EUR (1,397.37 USD) in passive income last month:
– P2P lending: 612.77 EUR
– Real Estate Lending: 237.53 EUR
– ETF Dividends: 76.39 EUR
– Stock Photos/Videos: 303.22 EUR

Total Passive Income from P2P Lending, P2P Real Estate Lending, ETF Dividends, and Stock Video Sales.

Hans-Jorg enjoying fall weater in Istanbul, Turkey. November 2021.

Passive Income Breakdown:

P2P & Real Estate Lending Overview – December 2021 Passive Income Update

As part of my December 2021 passive income update, here is a quick overview of passive income streams from three (3) P2P Lending and one (1) Real-estate P2P Lending platform that I am currently investing in.

Mintos logo

Mintos: The 36,100 EUR that I invested in Mintos gradually over the five past years, have since grown to 51,609.84 EUR. That means that I have earned more than 15,000 EUR in interest through the Mintos platform since 2016. While some loan originators are struggling (= about 2,300 EUR of my portfolio is currently “in recovery”), I am more than happy with the performance of Mintos in general.

As of December 2021, I am auto-invested in loans starting from a 9% interest rate from 55 loan originators (all with ratings 7-10) in 21 countries. Certain loans are up to 60 days delayed, but all loans have a buyback guarantee which is working well.

My auto-invest portfolio is investing in loans with ratings 7, 8, 9, and 10. At the moment, I log into my Mintos account once a month to adjust my auto-invest portfolio settings to include all new loan originators with ratings 7, 8, 9, and 10.

My interest income on Mintos in November was 377.10 EUR (=self-calculated interest rate of 8.91% p.a.).

My Mintos Dashboard in December 2021

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Twino: Another great month for Twino! After I added +7.000 EUR in August 2021. (= my total investment on Twino is 28.500 EUR), most of the new funds have been auto-invested and my monthly interest in November was 235.67 EUR (= 9.01% p.a.).

The average loan duration of my loans on Twino is currently 3.58 months. All loans are with a Buyback and Payment Guarantee.

After six plus years of investing in the Twino platform, I can say my experience with the platform has been really great. I have been very happy to have seen that Twino has officially obtained their investment brokerage license from Latvia’s Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) and has thus become a regulated investment platform (providing me as an investor greater security and transparency).

What else? TWINO has a referral program. New investors who sign up with this link ( and invest at least 100 EUR, will get a 15 EUR bonus (as well as I will receive a 15 EUR bonus).

My Twino Dashboard in December 2021


EstateGuru: Besides Mintos and Twino, EstateGuru is another key investment pillar and passive income stream of mine. After I added +7,000 EUR to EstateGuru in March this year, my total investment on EstateGuru is 23,000 EUR which is invested in 76 real estate projects in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Sweden, and Spain.

My average interest rate on EstateGuru is 10.87% p.a. For me, EstateGuru is a great platform to diversify my risk by investing in real estate loans that are secured with a first-rank mortgage (physical security). Since my first investment on EstateGuru in 2019, 60 projects have successfully and fully been repaid. 7 loans are currently behind schedule and 4 loans are in default, which I am ok with.

As I mentioned in previous posts, almost all my loans on EstateGuru are either bullet or full bullet loans, which means that either principals or both interest+principals are being paid in full at the end of the loan period. Unfortunately, that means that I receive large interest and principal payments in some months, and in others I receive nothing. This past month (November 2021), I received 237.53 EUR in interest payments.

What else? My EstateGuru review explains details as well as shows how to receive a 0.5% bonus as a new investor in the first three months. EstateGuru currently has some new loans available (11.5% p.a. & 12.00% p.a.).

My EstateGuru Dashboard in December 2021

View of Istanbul, Turkey. November 2021.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) Update – December 2021 🥳

Investing in the MSCI World ETF is an incredibly rewarding and cost-effective way to save & invest long-term (e.g. for retirement) while earning passive income from dividends.

Since I started investing in the MSCI World ETF in 2016, the value of my ETFs has increased by 90.30% (and this despite coronavirus-related shock in stock markets last year). The shares that I bought originally for 145.09 EUR apiece are currently valued at 276.40 EUR. Read more in my ETF portfolio post.

As of today, I am holding 154,249.53 EUR in MSCI World and MSCI Emerging Market ETFs. The value of my ETF portfolio increased by 2.11% in November 2021 (just in one month).

My ETF Portfolio since the beginning of this year (c)

My 1,000 EUR monthly ETF savings plan

I started an automated monthly 1,000 EUR ETF MSCI World savings plan in January 2020. It’s fully automated, runs in the background, and keeps buying MSCI World ETFs worth 1,000 EUR on the 15th of every month. It’s a fantastic way of cost-averaging and keeps me committed to my financial savings goals. Thanks to my savings plan I have saved 23,000 EUR (+ value gain) since I started it. 🥳

More about my ETF savings plan and why it was such a great idea to go back to an automated saving plan in this blog post.

View from my hotel room in Thailand. November 2021

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