2019 is off to a good start. January was a great month. I went on a trip to Egypt over New Years to get some well-needed sun and to finally see the pyramids. A must-see and highly recommendable to everyone. 

My passive income amounted a total of 343 EUR this month, which is slightly more than December. Β The benefits of compound interest are becoming visible. I opened an account with Grupeer and decidedΒ against Envestio. Why? I am not eager to support the industries the Envestio is supporting with its loans (oil & gas industries).

P2P Overview – Jan 2019

My monthly passive income from P2P loans
P2P Lending PlatformInterest IncomeXIRRTotal InvestmentCurrent Value
Mintos€ 122.11
9.12%€ 17,000.00€ 22,193.08
Twino€ 140.48
9.44%€ 8,500.00
€ 11,489.32
Swaper€ 80.4613.33%€ 7,000.00€ 7,326.25

Financial Transactions in Jan 2019

  • Twino: ⛔️ I withdrew 6500 EUR which were lying around unused for a couple of weeks due to the un-availability of loans. The money arrived within 24h in my bank account.Β 
  • Mintos: βœ… I added 6000 EUR on Jan 23 and adjusted my auto-invest portfolio. The money showed up in my account 12h later…phenomenal!Β 
  • Grupeer: βœ… I opened an account and transferred 3000 EUR into the account. The transfer showed up 48h later, not as fast as Mintos but still acceptable. I set up an auto-invest portfolio and 2700 EUR were almost immediately absorbed, albeit most of it to the same 2 projects. It is quite confusing why Grupeer listed the same project under different project codes multiple times.Β (Review Grupeer)

ETF Overview – Jan 2019 πŸ₯³

ETFs: While I initially considered using my January savings to buy more ETFs – given their historically low prices in early January – I ended up investing in P2P loans to reach my envisaged 60/40 distribution. 

After a steep drop of both the MSCI World, MSCI EM, and DAX ETFs in early January, prices have recovered and 2019 is off to a good start. As of Jan 31, my portfolio looks as following:

My ETF portfolio as of 31 Jan 2019 (C) JustETF.com
My ETF portfolio as of 31 Jan 2019 (C) JustETF.com