February was absolutely an auto-pilot month for me. My work and travels took me to India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh β€” incredibly interesting and wonderful countries. But also quite a busy month. πŸ™‚

And that brings me to something that I love about my investment strategy: I probably spent a total of 2 hours over the course of Feb to check once every two weeks that all auto-investment tools are optimized and running smoothly, as well as that no money is lying around unused (= cashdrag). I readjusted my Mintos auto-invest portfolio to include new loan operators that have joined the platform.

On Feb 26, I decided to pull out of Twino after having read this post. After Twino released their audited consolidated financial results from 2017, I started seeing some red flags 🚨, including that 9 of Twino’s 11 lending subsidiaries lost money in 2017 and also have negative equity. As as that as of Dec 2017 41% of loans were β€˜past due and impaired’.

The liquidation of all my investments took about 20 minutes. The transfer to my bank account less than 72 hours. I am currently deciding how to allocate the funds, which will most likely be a mix of Mintos and Swaper, my two favorite platforms. 

My passive income amounted a total of 399 EUR this month, which is slightly more than January.  I received my first interest payment from Grupeer, which felt great.

P2P Overview – Feb 2019

P2P Lending PlatformFeb'19 Interest IncomeFeb'19 XIRRTotal InvestmentCurrent Value
Mintos€ 173.98
9.41%€ 17,000.00€ 22,355.34
Twino€ 113.96
11.90%€ 0
€ 299.72
Swaper€ 77.6412.72%€ 7,000.00€ 7,403.89
Grupeer€ 33.44
13.38%€ 3,000.00€ 3,030.68

Financial Transactions in Feb 2019

  • Twino: ⛔️ I liquidated my account and withdrew  11304 EUR. The money arrived within 72h in my bank account. Bye-bye Twino!

ETF Overview – Feb 2019 πŸ₯³

A good month! As of Feb 28, my portfolio performance looks as following:

My ETF performance as of 28 Feb 2019 (C) JustETF.com
My ETF portfolio as of 28 Feb 2019 (C) JustETF.com